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Who Creates Wealth For YOU?

  August 6,2021

Who Creates Wealth For YOU?

If YOU feel, any one of the listed investments like Mutual Funds, Stocks, Real Estate, Gold, FD and Insurance creates wealth for YOU, then you are wrong!

If YOU feel any financial advisor like me, or any investment GURU, Experts from print or visual media creates wealth for YOU, then also YOU are wrong!

If YOU feel the organization YOU have joined gives all the success, then the answer is also NO, it is YOU, the individual putting untiring efforts and believe in what YOU are contributing, makes YOU successful or not.

Then who creates wealth for YOU, in reality. The answer is YOU. Yes, your confidence about any investment vehicle that YOU have chosen and stay invested, during the volatile times creates all the wealth for YOU.

If YOU do not believe in the above words, go back and check in case if YOU feel that, YOU have created some wealth earlier, then obviously the duration in which YOU stayed in that particular investments, and your belief during the volatile time that only created wealth for YOU.

Today, as an investor YOU have disappointed with your portfolio value especially in the last 18 months, made YOU to believe this mutual fund investments will not work. Forgetting the objective of this investment is, to meet all your long term GOALS, not the shorter one. As long as the GOALs are intact why should YOU worry about the investment vehicle which has all the potential to reach the destination.

I read somewhere “Motivation is Like taking a Bath, and you have to take it everyday”. As an advisor I keep telling YOU it is a good investment, because I have seen the market cycles before and this is not new, compared to the earlier one and with the time and patience one can easily surpass this. When YOU read my blog or post YOU will have some confidence, but tomorrow the market tanks, then again YOU will start questioning about this investment.

I can’t write every other day, and YOU have two options and keep reading my post or blog whenever your portfolio is down or keep talking to me and I am happy to listen to YOU patiently and I will handhold YOU during this tough times.

This is one of the toughest times, and the entire India is reinstalling many things, which might have more disturbances now, but everything set for a much bigger rally which is beyond anybody’s imagination.

Exciting times are ahead, and it can take U turn anytime. Till such time, Please do hope your investment vehicle, as I have told initially in this post, YOU and Your Emotions are creating wealth, nothing else.

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