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Why Franklin Templeton India Closed 6 Debt Funds?

Dear Investors, In the past few days, you might have read news from numerous sources about Franklin Templeton MF winding

Woman and Investment

Women of today are different. They have gone places and made big strides in all fields. Women take charge of their career and don multiple hats. While many women go for solo trips around the world.

What is NFO

Fund houses offer different types of mutual fund schemes to their investors. When a mutual fund launches a new fund, it can raise capital from investors through the New Fund Offer (NFO) period.

Myths of SIP

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is on everyone's lips. The various campaigns done by the mutual fund companies and industry has ushered SIP revolution in the country.

Should you invest in debt mutual funds or FDs?

Capital safety, the rate of returns, lock-in period and taxation are some of the key features those can help you select between debt mutual fund and fixed deposits.