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All That Glitters, is Not Gold!

All That Glitters, is Not Gold! All that glitters is not gold is a well-known saying, meaning that not everything...

Roller Coaster Ride of Mutual Fund Investments!

Roller Coaster Ride of Mutual Fund Investments! When a coaster car is speeding up, the actual force acting on you ...

This too Shall Pass… Have Faith in Equity Markets…

This too Shall Pass… Have Faith in Equity Markets… Our memories are generally short lived; everyone knows that market has...

What is Net worth?

What is Net worth? Net worth is the value of all the non-financial and financial assets owned by an institutional...

Subsidy – Different Perspective!!!

Subsidy – Different Perspective!!! I strongly believe, many will not agree what I have written below, my only request is...

Virat Kohli (VK) & Long Term Investments!!!

Virat Kohli (VK) & Long Term Investments!!! When we won the Nat west trophy for the first time in 2002,...

Retirement cannot be financed

The most expensive goal of your life cannot be financed.

What should you choose to save tax?

ELSS vs PPF! What should you choose for saving tax?

Direct Stock Vs Equity Mutual Funds

If you ask anyone if they have invested in equities, the most common response that you will get from them is, ‘no baba; it is very risky.

Active fund vs Passive fund

Mutual funds have become a hot topic of discussion among everyone. The general curiosity among people about mutual funds have increased, especially after the ‘ Mutual Fund Sahi Hai’ campaign that went live a few years ago.

Debt funds are now more secured with new regulatio

In the last few months, there has been a lot of volatility in the debt market. For many investors, investing in debt mutual funds was riskier than equity funds. In all started with the IL&FS fiasco in September 2018 when the group companies defaulted on their payments.

Why term insurance?

We all love our families and want the best for them. We try to fulfil their wishes to the best of our abilities. One easy and simple way to show your love for your family and to make sure that they continue to live a dignified life even in your absence is to take a term insurance.

Home Loan EMI Vs SIP

What if your Home loan tenure is reduced without increasing EMI, even if the interest rate remains the same? Sounds interesting? Read it.

Equity & Chinese Bamboo

Equity Investments are just like growing Chinese bamboo. Both requires lot of patience and time to grow.