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Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do…

  August 1,2021

Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do…

Mutual Fund Industry is managing more than Rs. 25 Lakh Crore, of which more than 7 lakhs crore plus is only in equity funds and another 3.5 lakhs crore in balanced fund, which is the mixture both equity and debt.

Nearly 8.5 Crore folio is there, at least unique investor like you and me is nearly 2 Crore, I mean, 2 crore plus investors have trusted this investment, for their short term in case of debt funds, mid term in case of balanced funds and long term in case of diversified equity funds. Short term less than 3 years, Mid term 3 to 5 Years and Long term 5 years plus.

Sensex 30 Companies in the Last 1 Year Returns
Stocks Gain/Loss Stocks Gain/Loss Stocks Gain/Loss
Asian Paints 3.28% ICICI Bank 36.75% Power Grid 17.39%
Axis Bank 21.52% IndusInd Bank -30.16% Reliance -0.49%
Bajaj Auto -6.48% Infosys 12.59% SBI 8.47%
Bajaj Finance 19.22% ITC -10.16% Sun Pharma -25.20%
Bharti Airtel -9.41% Kotak Bank 14.42% Tata Motors -51.04%
HCL Tech 5.90% L&T 4.27% Tata Steel -25.43%
HDFC Ltd 4.64% M&M -41.43% TCS 12.51%
HDFC Bank 1.85% Maruti -41.69% Tech Mahindra -8.04%
Hero Motors -28.48% NTPC -1.70% Vedanta Ltd -34.36%
Hindustan Unilever -0.04% ONGC -17.23% Yes Bank -75.92%

If we start measuring anything day by day, it creates unnecessary stress which is unwarranted. When you invest, you are indirectly investing in a business, few business, as well as businessman can become a failure, it does not mean everybody. Many of us are building big dreams, working under the above organizations, which are listed in the stock market. I have given you the stock performance for the last 1 year and I have taken the value just 20 minutes before the closing of 1st August 2019.

As long as the organization is grown continuously, stock price will reflect sooner than later. I don’t think those who have worked in the Sensex companies have never felt any pressure about their job security or the future, just because the market is quoting their value less at this juncture. Otherwise Maruti employee will get only 50% salary or Tata motors 25% salary!!!

As an Individual, I have also invested all my money only in the mutual funds and whatever the outcome you will experience, I will also have to experience the same. Since, I am not measuring this value on a regular basis, though at times it is very painful, still I can understand, this is how the market behaves and I keep guiding you.

Those who can’t digest this kind of fall, please do not look at the portfolio value every day, and trust me this year end or the maximum this financial year end, your portfolio values will be in a much better and accepted levels to you and you will forget everything and feel bad that why should I unnecessary worried 6 to 9 months before!!!

It is a tough time, we need to sail through this. Hope you will understand and kindly bear this difficult phase.

Committed to your long term investments returns and to fulfil your long term goals is intact as usual.

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