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Weave the Safety Net – Term Insurance

  October 13,2022

Unfortunate FEWs are compensated by fortunate MANY.

This is the one sentence definition for life insurance (Term).

Insurance is nothing but buying a peace of mind. Buying Term Insurance is one of the best-affordable defensive plans which ensure your current financial status till 60 plus years, so that you can concentrate on your work. Corona virus is the best eye opener at this juncture to connect to Term Insurance. Seeing only at the small numbers many might feel that we have unnecessarily feared and we lost good amount of time and money, but if you look closely at the sufferers you can understand the trauma the family faces, the irreplaceable loss that is created and all its appalling after – effects.

It’s high time we come out of the anesthetized state, understand the true value of life and pin hope in alternatives like Term Insurance for there is no second chance for life once the parachute is missed.

Stay Safe & Stay Home. Don’t cross the Lockdown – Lakshman Rekha.

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