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I am With You!

  March 18,2022

I am With You!

Dear Investors,

Good day!

As a financial consultant it is my moral responsibility to shield everyone from this colossal Corona impact on the roiling world market and our stock market as well.

More than the factual impact of Corona virus, in the name of safety we tend to be extremely over-cautious which is acceptable to some extent. But now people started extrapolating from this cautiousness needlessly as none of us are experts, as far as these uncharted territories are concerned.

Media needs variety and variety is the SPICE of LIFE. The fascination fades off after a certain period. Now it’s almost 50 plus days and I hope the news as well as the impact is at the fag end, and the days are numbered.

For every incident, we have always two choices 1. Reacting 2. Responding. Outcome of any incident solely depends whether we are reacting or responding!!!

In reality nothing has changed much and it is the FEAR that causes everyone doubly worried and it blocks our mind to think anything beyond this-turning our mind a devil’s workshop. Let’s align our mind more positively and work together in planning what to do & what not to do when the economy is troughing.

If your financial needs are one year and above from now, no need to feel uneasy other than NOT watching every day how the market level blips. There is an option called LIEN marking, which can help you to take loan on your existing mutual fund investments, in case of any urgent requirement.

For example, if one of the investor’s portfolio is valued, let us say @50 lakhs and he needs 15 lakhs in a 3 months’ time, and he does not want to exit, when the market is at rock bottom, he has the option to pledge his mutual fund units and can avail a loan of 50% of the value, which is up to 25 Lakhs in this case.

This money acts like OD (Over Draft). It is pay per use and it will be in your bank account. Let us assume, you immediately take 10 lakhs then you need to pay at the maximum of 1% per month so you have to pay 10K. As I mentioned, the maximum time that your portfolio can take to roof up is 1 year from now. In one year, your interest or loss will be 1.2 Lakhs and your portfolio would have gained much higher. As far as I know, this is the best option in case of exigency and personally, I have done it.

Last but not the least, this fall is not pertaining to one single investor and am reiterating it is 5 Crore investors spread across 28 Lakh Crores of investment. The impact is much higher than anyone anticipated but this too shall pass.

This is the only investment where you have someone to talk, discuss, question, fight & take guidance – such an amalgamation of emotions. It is time to stay calm and composed and our team is fully geared up for any assistance. No worries, I am with you, I stand in the first line to protect every one of you till your long-term goal is met. This is my personal assurance.

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