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How To Stay Motivated During This Highly Volatile

  August 23,2021

How To Stay Motivated During This Highly Volatile Markets to Create Long Term Wealth…

Dear Investors,

Those who have not remembered how the markets behaved in the last 11 years, it is just to remind you how the volatility ride always. Till it recovers, it is very difficult to stomach the pain and am fully agree with you, there is no second thought on this.

Compared to 2008 Fall, this is Nothing, since that is recovered, we forget that incident
Date BSE Sensex BSE Midcap BSE Small cap
08-01-2008  20,873  9,817 13,516
09-03-2009 8,160  2,553  2,866
Rise/Fall in Abs % -60.91% -73.99% -78.80%
15-01-2018 34,843 18,128  20,046
22-08-2019  36,472 13,080 12,119
Rise/Fall in Abs % 4.68% -27.85% -39.54%
09-03-2009 8,160  2,553 2,866
15-01-2018 34,843 18,128  20,046
Fall to High in Abs % 327% 610% 599%
This is only index returns, MF always performed better compared to their respective indices
29-01-2015 29,681 10,771 11,378
11-02-2016 22,951  9,690   9,801
Rise/Fall in Abs % -22.67% -10.04% -13.86%

We tend to forget the bigger falls it happened before, because it is recovered already. The current fall, we don’t know it is the end or few more single digit percentage falls yet to offer. Till it recovers it is always in our mind!!!

None of the investment avenue is attractive today, and moving away from MF is never be an option. Please do remember, whatever you have invested is for less than 3 years, and it is more than that. If you look at the history, for every falls, the rise is always bigger and this time also will happen and it is only a question of time to improve the sentiments. I personally believe, it will happen sooner than later.

Many investors will say at the time of investment, I don’t need the money and it is only for long term, but having the portfolio falls up to 20%, then the trust of the investment is gradually deteriorating. Market is beyond who is ruling the government and what their policies are, having said that it has an impact for a shorter period, no doubt.

Market is driven by the earnings of the companies, and that will not be liner and if you look at any good companies their profitability is more than double in every 5 years, which means those stocks also doubled their share price in 5 years time.

My only request to you is do not look at the value every now and then, just because you have provided with mobile app and web access to see all your portfolio on a regular basis. It is only for your convenience.

Just because the value is not displayed for 20 years insurance plan and 15 years PPF, and their property price many investors are holding it for longer period. Why don’t we inculcate the same habit, when we ourselves are exhibiting for some of our other investments. Wealth can be created over a period of time, and the only trait is to show patience and conviction.

I can only keep showing my conviction about this wonderful investment and how to stay with conviction with lot of inputs, at the end, it is your job to understand and stay invested. I remember the proverb and it goes like this…

‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can‘t make him drink‘ is a proverb which means that you can give someone an opportunity but not force them to take it.

Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do!

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