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Why We Are Always Reacting Instead of Responding To Anything in LIFE!!!

  August 13,2021

Why We Are Always Reacting Instead of Responding To Anything in LIFE!!! There is a message floating around in all

There is a message floating around in all the WhatsApp group for the past 2 weeks about Financial Crisis!!!

There is unannounced financial crisis in India. Such crises appear to the public slowly. I consider the current situation is only first round of crisis.

Some of the investor is keep forwarding this message to me and asking my view whether it is true or will that happen? One of the main crisis is the below messages.

Homes are not being sold which means sale of steel, cement, bathroom fittings, construction declining. With this banks NPAs will grow. These NPAs go deep into individual level by making the crisis deeper.

There is a huge difference between Reacting and Responding. A Reaction is typically quick, without much thought, tense and aggressive. A Response is thought out, calm and non-threatening. A Reaction typically provokes more Reactions – perpetuating a long line of hatefulness with nothing accomplished.

My response to the above WhatsApp message is

1. More people are owning a house than investing in Mutual Funds and their allocation is also very high in property than in Mutual funds. If they believe in the above message, by seeing this, first thing should bother them is how to sell their property immediately, but no one thought about this. The reasons can be plenty, it is the house only I am living so I can’t sell or though it might be true or not, but in the long term definitely property will deliver good returns and I have no hurry!!!

2. They never worried about if the overall slowdown happens, what would be the impact for the job they are doing it currently, it never comes to their mind. They lived in the world all the crisis can happen and still their job will be secured and their property price will be intact!!

3. I have received one WhatsApp video about APPLE products, though I am not a big fan of APPLE and enjoyed the way the guy making fun about that products. Yet, everybody simply ignore that, at it is only FUN because for those who own APPLE products is the symbol of status which is beyond money or somebody’s comments.

Whatever the current market scenario the only question I ask myself first as an investor is, whether this kind of trend happened before and the answer is definite YES. We have always come back with strong, whenever those situations happened. As long as our GOAL is long term, this kind of volatility is inevitable.

Unfortunately when it comes to investments we always biased and approach emotionally, is the reason we are not making money. It is time to approach investments beyond our emotion is the need of the hour.

Power of Negative Thoughts: You are holding a one litre water in a 100 litre capacity of the container, assume there is a drop of ink, automatically the colour changes to Blue. Is there anyway can we remove the blue colour? Yes, we can, provided we should fill the container with 99 litre of fresh water, then you will not be able to see any blue colour. This is the simple example to understand how the negative emotions or thoughts and how many times it requires to offset with positive thoughts, which is literally 1:100. Environment is full of negativity or negative people because it only reaches faster, it is our ability to ignore and stay positive is not easy and it requires a continuous effort.

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