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Peer to Peer lending (“P2P lending”)

At Fortune Investment Services, we constantly endeavor to introduce exciting, new and rewarding investment products for our clients.

What is Peer to Peer lending?

  • Peer to Peer lending is a new age innovation in finance which enables investors to securely lend to screened, creditworthy borrowers.
  • Peer to Peer lending is a $150 billion industry globally and offers a new risk-optimized investment avenue in India which is regulated by RBI

Why should you look at P2P lending for investment?

  • New monthly income stream : Investing in Peer to Peer loans enables investors to earn monthly cashflow and fixed income in the form of EMIs
  • 2X higher returns than Bank FD : Peer to Peer loans offer high returns.
  • Smart portfolio diversification: Investing in Peer to Peer loans help to diversify your portfolio outside of equities, bonds and traditional asset classes

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