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Housing Loan

At Fortune Investment Services, we constantly endeavor to introduce exciting, new and rewarding investment products for our clients.

In this effort, we have partnered with Banks – India’s leading, RBI regulated Housing Loan (“Housing Loan”) platform. Our services is to provide Housing Loans at attractive interest rates with lower Processing & easy documentation.

There is nothing like staying @ in our own house for our real comfort. The Pinnacle of one’s aim in life is to acquire a new home which is made simpler and feasible by the availability of housing loans.

Often people are puzzled by the possibility of receiving the full qualifying loan sum and the foreclosure of the loan.

Here are the potential take-away :

  • Choose your loan wisely by making use of the full eligible amount
  • Know your budget
  • Pay steady EMIs
  • Don’t prepay the loan amount; instead go for a steady investment option which in turn reaps greater returns.